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    Dynarex Penlights

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    Dynarex Penlights are the perfect tool to provide focused illumination during medical examinations and treatments. These portable penlights are essential for healthcare professionals, offering a convenient and accurate light beam to examine the eyes, ears, and throat. One of the standout features of these penlights is the pupil gauge printed on the body. This gauge assists in determining the size of the pupil, making it easier for healthcare providers to assess a patient's condition. With a quick glance, you can ensure accurate measurements without the need for additional tools or guesswork. The dual-function pocket clip adds another layer of convenience to these penlights. Not only does it make the penlight easily portable, but it also acts as a switch to activate the light. With a simple push, the light will turn on, allowing for easy and efficient examinations. Dynarex Penlights are made of lightweight and high-impact molded styrene. This material ensures durability and longevity, making them a reliable choice for healthcare professionals. Additionally, these penlights are available with either conventional or LED lights, providing users with options that suit their preferences. Key Features: Accurate light beam illuminates the eyes, ears, and throat Pupil gauge printed on body assists in determining pupil size Specs: Made of lightweight high-impact molded styrene Available with conventional or LED light Elevate your medical practice with Dynarex Penlights. Order yours today and experience the superior quality and functionality that these penlights offer.

    6 in stock

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