SurgiMac's recommended Surface Disinfectant Wipes For HAI Prevention

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Get clinically advanced sanitization products you can trust from SurgiMac!

SurgiMac distributes top-quality medical and dental products, including a collection of disinfectants from PDI Healthcare. The collection includes a range of disposable wipes (both for surfaces and hand hygiene).

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There are over 687,000 healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) diagnosed in the United States each year. These are infections you pick up while admitted to a hospital or healthcare provider. The five most common HAIs alone put an annual financial strain on the U.S. healthcare system totaling $9.8 billion. Moreover, 83% of hospitals face readmission penalties each year totaling an estimated $563 million. PDI’s layered approach to sanitization and disinfection aims to help reduce these numbers.

Sales of disinfecting products spiked in 2020 at the height of the pandemic but naturally fell off in 2021 coming out of it. That being said, research shows that due to the implementation of stricter cleaning protocols in the workplace and institutional settings, demand for disinfectant products will start to rise again by 2.3% annually reaching a $4.3 billion market value in 2026.

The recommended collection of EPA registered disinfectants from PDI targets three areas of care—environmental care, patient care, and interventional care. Environmental care refers to the surfaces in hospitals and healthcare providers. For surfaces, PDI offers the Super Sani-Cloth Purple (high alcohol 2 minute kill, compatible with over 500+ medical devices), Sani-Cloth Plus Red (low alcohol 5 Minute Kill), Sani-Cloth AF3 Grey (no alcohol, no fragrance, 3 minute kill), Sani-Prime Plum (ACCELOQUAT technology 1 Minute Kill), and Sani-Cloth Bleach germicidal sporicidal wipes Orange (kills C-Diff 4 minute kill). Easy Screen Wipes contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and can be used on everything from hand held devices to touchscreens.


Patient care involves keeping you clean and comfortable with personal hygiene and general cleaning products, of which PDI offers a few. The Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes thoroughly cleanse your skin, removing dirt, soil, and other substances, while providing moisture to your hands. They also sell Hygea Premium Multi-Purpose Washcloths, which are hypoallergenic cloths that can be used on all parts of your body, including the face and neck. Nice ‘n Clean Baby Wipes, designed specifically for baby skin, are also available.

PDI’S Interventional Care solutions help you protect even the most vulnerable patients. From skin antisepsis (Prevantics) and device disinfection (Prevantics Device Swab) to nasal decolonization (Profend), we have you covered.

Lastly, interventional care is the process of keeping the tools and devices that doctors and nurses use clean and sterile. For this, PDI provides products like the Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks, which are a non-irritating and non-stinging skin antisepsis. They also sell device disinfection and nasal decolonization products.

In addition to PDI products, SurgiMac also distributes a range of other infection prevention solutions, instruments, protective implements, lab supplies, and ambulatory equipment. Included in this range are scrubs and lab coats, surgical and dental instruments, medical masks and gloves, and surgical blades. For a limited time, they are offering free shipping on orders over $200.

SurgiMac’s mission is to provide durable, reliable, and safe medical supplies at affordable prices. They are committed to searching for cost-effective, cutting-edge technology that will benefit healthcare providers and improve your life.

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