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  • Sale -9%Last stock! Replacement Straps For Standard Slings Replacement Straps For Standard Slings

    Dynarex Replacement Straps For Standard Slings

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    Enhance the functionality of your patient lift with our high-quality Replacement Straps for Standard Slings. Designed to provide ultimate stability and ensure patient safety, these durable woven nylon straps are an essential accessory for any healthcare facility or homecare setting. Made with comfort in mind, our Replacement Straps are perfect for use in combination with lift slings. Their ergonomic design ensures a snug fit, reducing the risk of pinching or discomfort for the patient. With an easy attachment system using S-Hooks, these straps provide the utmost convenience for caregivers and healthcare professionals. Key Features and Benefits: Ultimate Stability: Our Replacement Straps are crafted with durable woven nylon, offering exceptional strength and stability during the lifting process. Patients can feel secure and supported at all times. Easy Replacement: When it comes time to replace worn-out straps, our product offers a hassle-free solution. Simply detach the old straps and effortlessly attach the new ones using the S-Hooks. No complicated installation required. Usage Specifications: Designed for use with standard slings Investing in our Replacement Straps for Standard Slings is a smart choice for any healthcare facility or individual in need of reliable patient lifting equipment. The inclusion of these straps in your arsenal of patient lift accessories will help improve safety, reduce the risk of accidents, and ultimately enhance the overall care experience for both patients and caregivers.

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  • Sale -9%Last stock! Replacement Chains For Standard Slings

    Dynarex Replacement Chains For Standard Slings

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    Upgrade your patient lift system with our high-quality Replacement Chains for Standard Slings. Made from durable and reliable steel, these chains are designed to provide ultimate stability and ensure the safety of your patients. With their rust-resistant properties, you can trust that these chains will stand the test of time, even with frequent use and disinfection. Our Replacement Chains for Standard Slings are incredibly easy to attach, thanks to the convenient S hook design. Simply clip them onto your slings, and you're ready to go, saving you valuable time when assisting patients. Designed specifically for standard slings, they offer the perfect replacement option for worn-out or damaged chains. Why choose our Replacement Chains for Standard Slings? Superior Durability: Crafted from strong steel, these chains are designed to withstand heavy lifting and frequent use, providing long-lasting performance. Enhanced Safety: Engineered with patient safety in mind, our chains ensure a secure and stable lift, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries during transfers. When it comes to patient lift accessories, quality and reliability are of utmost importance. Our Replacement Chains for Standard Slings meet both criteria, offering a practical solution for healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and home care settings. Specifications: Material: Steel Rust-resistant Easy to disinfect Compatible with standard slings Elevate your patient lift experience with our Replacement Chains for Standard Slings and provide your patients with safe and efficient transfers. Order yours today!

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  • Sale -9%Last stock! Patient Lift Scale Patient Lift Scale

    Dynarex Patient Lift Scale

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    The Patient Lift Scale by Dynarex is the perfect solution for caregivers looking to monitor the weight of patients with ease and accuracy. Whether in a hospital, hospice, or assisted living environment, this innovative scale ensures that patient weight measurements can be obtained safely and efficiently during standard transfers. With its compact design and universal connector, the Dynarex Lift Scale seamlessly integrates with most patient lifts, allowing for seamless use and convenience. This means that caregivers no longer have to struggle or risk injury when recording patient weight. One of the key features of the Dynarex Lift Scale is its battery-operated functionality. This means that it can be used anywhere without the need for a power source, making it incredibly versatile and convenient. Another standout feature of the Dynarex Lift Scale is its impressive weight capacity. With the ability to weigh patients up to 660 lb, this scale ensures accurate measurements for a wide range of individuals. Not only does the Dynarex Lift Scale offer practicality and ease of use, but it also contributes to effective search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. By incorporating relevant keywords such as "patient lift scale," "caregiver weight monitoring," and "universal connector," your website has a higher chance of ranking higher in search results, attracting potential customers who are actively searching for a product like yours. Key Features and Benefits: Universal connector fits most patient lifts Battery-operated for versatility Specifications: Weighs patients up to 660 lb Elevate your caregiving experience with the Dynarex Lift Scale - the reliable and efficient solution for patient weight monitoring. With its user-friendly design and robust features, this scale is a must-have for any caregiver seeking a convenient and accurate way to record patient weight during transfers. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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  • Sale -9%Last stock! Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift

    Dynarex Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift

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    The Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift is a state-of-the-art solution designed to ensure safe and dignified patient transfers. This versatile lift is equipped with advanced technology and boasts a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of patients. One of the key features of the Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift is its high-performance hydraulics. With a smooth and gradual lifting and lowering mechanism, caregivers can effortlessly and securely transfer patients without causing discomfort or strain. This not only improves patient comfort but also reduces the risk of injuries for both the caregiver and the patient. Another highlight of this exceptional patient lift is its compatibility with most standard slings. This means that caregivers can easily find the right sling to suit the specific needs of each patient, ensuring optimal support during transfers. When it comes to durability, the Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift stands out with its 5-year workmanship warranty and 1-year mechanical warranty. This provides customers with peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a reliable and long-lasting solution. Key Features: Smooth and gradual lifting and lowering mechanism Compatible with most standard slings Specifications: Weight Capacity: 450 lbs Warranty: 5-year workmanship, 1-year mechanical Whether transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, into the shower, or off the floor, the Dynarex Hydraulic Patient Lift delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Upgrade your patient care experience today with this top-of-the-line hydraulic lift.

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