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  • Sale -7% MARK3 Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) 2.25oz | MARK3 | Only at SurgiMac

    MARK3 Pressure Indicator Paste (PIP) 2.25oz by MARK3

    Pressure indicator Paste (PIP) 2.25oz by MARK3 is a unique pressure sensitive material was formulated specifically to fill the great need for an improved material that will show that exact location size, shape and thickness of those pressure areas on dentures that cause pain discomfort or displacement.Compares to: Sultan, Mizzy, and Keystone PIP Paste Product Specifications MARK3 Pressure indicator Paste (PIP) 2.25oz   When fitting and adjusting dentures, Use Pressure Indicator Paste to identify high spots Does not have bulk that distorts denture Ready to use just brush on Remains constant regardles of temperature Extremely economical, brushed out thin Mark3 PIP lasts a long time.

    SKU: 100-1200

    $41.99 $38.94

  • Sale -13% Thin Red/Blue .0025 (63 microns), 12 strips/book, 12 bk/bx | Quala | Only at SurgiMac

    Quala Thin Red/Blue .0025 (63 microns), 12 strips/book, 12 bk/bx

    Thin Red/Blue .0025 (63 microns), 12 strips/book, 12 bk/bx

    SKU: QAP-TRB02

    $10.98 $9.55

  • Sale -13% Thin Blue .0030 (76 microns), 10 strips/book, 14 bk/bx | Quala | Only at SurgiMac

    Quala Thin Blue .0030 (76 microns), 10 strips/book, 14 bk/bx

    Thin Blue .0030 (76 microns), 10 strips/book, 14 bk/bx

    SKU: QAP-TB01

    $10.98 $9.55

  • Sale -13% Horseshoe Full Arch Red/Blue .0025 (63 microns), 12 sheets/book, 6 bk/bx | Quala | Only at SurgiMac

    Quala Horseshoe Full Arch Red/Blue .0025 (63 microns), 12 sheets/book, 6 bk/bx

    Horseshoe Full Arch Red/Blue .0025 (63 microns), 12 sheets/book, 6 bk/bx

    SKU: QAP-HRB03

    $14.33 $12.46

  • Sale -13% Pressure Indicator Paste (Rx), 2 oz | Sultan | Only at SurgiMac

    Sultan Pressure Indicator Paste (Rx), 2 oz

    Experience Precision with Pressure Indicator Paste (Rx), 2 oz Introducing our Pressure Indicator Paste (Rx) in a convenient 2 oz package – a must-have tool for precision and safety in industrial applications. This advanced paste serves as a visual aid to accurately detect pressure variations, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential leaks or failures.Crafted for professionals who demand precision, our Pressure Indicator Paste offers a quick and reliable method to identify pressure inconsistencies in a wide range of systems. From hydraulic systems to pipelines, this paste adheres easily to surfaces and changes color under varying pressure levels, providing instant feedback on pressure distribution and aiding in the identification of potential issues.Designed with quality and efficiency in mind, our pressure-indicating formula is non-toxic, easy to apply, and simple to clean. The 2 oz size is perfect for on-the-go tasks, enabling technicians to carry it effortlessly to different job sites.Upgrade your maintenance and diagnostic processes with the Pressure Indicator Paste (Rx), 2 oz. Ensure your systems are operating optimally, minimize downtime, and enhance workplace safety with this indispensable tool. Trust in its accuracy and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable pressure-detection solution.

    SKU: 21101

    $92.99 $80.99

  • Sale -25% Red AccuFilm I: Premium -Single-Sided -Film I (Red) | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg

    Parkell Red AccuFilm I: Premium Single-Sided Film

    Red AccuFilm I: Premium Single-Sided Film, the epitome of cutting-edge technology in the world of packaging. Elevate your packaging experience with this high-quality film designed to provide optimal protection and aesthetics. Crafted with precision, the vibrant red hue of the AccuFilm I adds a touch of sophistication to your packages, making them stand out in the crowd. Engineered for excellence, this premium single-sided film boasts exceptional clarity and durability, ensuring that your products are not only securely wrapped but also beautifully showcased. The adhesive properties guarantee a secure seal, offering peace of mind during transit. Whether you're sending gifts, merchandise, or delicate items, the Red AccuFilm I is the perfect choice for a seamless packaging experience. Invest in the future of packaging with Red AccuFilm I: Premium Single-Sided Film. Make a lasting impression, protect your products, and redefine your packaging standards. Choose excellence, choose AccuFilm I. Key Features: Exceptional Clarity: The Premium Single-Sided Film guarantees crystal-clear images, allowing your visuals to shine with precision. Ultra-Thin Design: Experience the perfect balance of durability and flexibility, making handling and application a breeze. Quick-Drying Formula: Boost your productivity with the rapid drying time, reducing waiting periods and enabling faster project completion. Benefits: Professional Aesthetics: Elevate your prints with the vivid red tones, ensuring a professional and attention-grabbing final product. Effortless Application: The ultra-thin design simplifies the installation process, saving you time and effort. Time-Efficient Results: The quick-drying formula accelerates your workflow, allowing you to meet deadlines without compromising on quality. Upgrade your imaging game with the Red AccuFilm I today!

    SKU: S015

    $29.50 $22.00

  • Sale -30% Double-Sided- AccuFilm II: Premium- Black/Black- Film | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg

    Parkell Double-Sided AccuFilm II: Premium Black/Black Film

    Double-Sided AccuFilm II: Premium Black/Black Film, the epitome of sophistication and functionality in the world of window tinting. This cutting-edge film is designed to provide a sleek, modern aesthetic while delivering unmatched performance. Key Features: Dual Functionality: Enjoy the benefits of both privacy and sun protection with this double-sided film, featuring a premium black exterior and interior. Advanced UV Blocking: Shield your space from harmful UV rays, reducing fading and ensuring a comfortable atmosphere year-round. Easy Installation: Effortlessly apply this film to windows of any size, thanks to its user-friendly design, enhancing convenience for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Benefits: Enhanced Privacy: Maintain your personal space with a stylish blackout effect, protecting your interiors from prying eyes. Energy Efficiency: Experience reduced energy costs by minimizing heat gain and loss, creating an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Lasting Elegance: Preserve your décor with long-lasting color stability, ensuring your windows remain a statement of sophistication. Elevate your space with the Double-Sided AccuFilm II for unparalleled style and performance.

    SKU: S018

    $40.99 $28.55

  • Sale -30% AccuFilm- II: Red/Red -Double-Sided -Excellence | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg

    Parkell AccuFilm II: Red/Red Double-Sided Excellence

    AccuFilm II: Red/Red Double-Sided Excellence, a revolutionary solution for your crafting and design needs. Elevate your projects with this premium double-sided adhesive film, meticulously engineered for superior performance. The vibrant red hue on both sides adds a touch of sophistication to your creations, making them stand out with a bold and captivating appeal. Crafted with excellence in mind, AccuFilm II guarantees a secure and long-lasting bond, ensuring that your projects remain intact and visually stunning. The precision-cut dimensions make it easy to work with, allowing you to achieve intricate designs with ease. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a DIY enthusiast, this double-sided adhesive film is a versatile and indispensable tool for various applications. AccuFilm II not only offers exceptional adhesion but also provides a clean and professional finish. Key features: High-Tack Adhesive: The advanced adhesive ensures a secure bond, making your graphics stay in place without any hassle. Durable Construction: Built to withstand various environments, AccuFilm II guarantees longevity, maintaining the brilliance of your designs over time. Versatility: Ideal for a range of applications, from retail displays to window graphics, this film offers unmatched flexibility in bringing your creative visions to life. Experience the benefits firsthand: Enhanced Visibility: The striking red color enhances visibility, ensuring your message stands out. Time Efficiency: Easy application and long-lasting adherence save you time on installations and replacements. Professional Presentation: Elevate the professionalism of your projects, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Choose AccuFilm II for double-sided excellence.

    SKU: S021

    $40.99 $28.55

  • Sale -30% AccuFilm II -Red/Black- Booklets - (5 Booklets of 50) | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg AccuFilm II (Red/Black Booklets) | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac

    Parkell AccuFilm II Red/Black Booklets - (5 Booklets of 50)

    AccuFilm II Red/Black Booklets - a cutting-edge solution for precision and efficiency in your documentation needs. This pack includes 5 booklets, each containing 50 sheets, ensuring a substantial supply for your diverse projects. The vibrant red and black color scheme not only adds a touch of sophistication but also enhances readability, making your data stand out. Crafted with the highest quality materials, the AccuFilm II ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for long-term record-keeping. The sheets are designed for optimal compatibility with a range of writing instruments, guaranteeing smooth and effortless writing or printing experiences. Whether you're organizing financial records, taking meeting notes, or creating professional presentations, these booklets offer the ideal combination of style and functionality. Upgrade your documentation game with AccuFilm II Red/Black Booklets – a testament to precision, quality, and versatility. Key Features: Dual-Color Sheets: Red and Black sheets allow for clear and distinct writing, enhancing visibility and reducing errors. High-Quality Paper: Premium quality paper ensures durability, preventing wear and tear during frequent use. Easy Tear-Out: Perforated sheets tear out effortlessly, ensuring a seamless and efficient record-keeping process. Benefits: Error Reduction: The dual-color design minimizes confusion, reducing the risk of errors in data entry. Long-lasting: High-quality paper ensures the booklets withstand daily wear, ensuring longevity. Efficient Organization: Easy tear-out sheets streamline your record-keeping process, saving time and promoting efficiency. Upgrade your business operations with AccuFilm II Red/Black Booklets today!

    SKU: S053

    $40.99 $28.55

  • Sale -30% AccuFilm- FastCheck- Pre-Mounted -Articulating- Film | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg AccuFilm FastCheck Pre-Mounted Articulating Film | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac

    Parkell AccuFilm FastCheck Pre-Mounted Articulating Film

    AccuFilm FastCheck Pre-Mounted Articulating Film, a revolutionary solution for precise occlusal analysis in dental procedures. This innovative product ensures swift and accurate articulation, streamlining your workflow and enhancing patient care. Key Features: Convenient Pre-Mounted Design: Save time and effort with the film conveniently pre-mounted, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing chairside time. Articulating Precision: The film guarantees precise occlusal contact assessment, enabling clinicians to identify and address discrepancies effectively. Easy Application: With a user-friendly design, the AccuFilm FastCheck simplifies the application process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both clinicians and patients. Benefits: Time Efficiency: Increase your practice's efficiency by minimizing setup time, allowing you to focus on delivering quality dental care promptly. Accurate Diagnosis: Enhance treatment outcomes through accurate occlusal analysis, leading to improved patient satisfaction and long-term success. User-Friendly Experience: The easy application not only improves workflow but also promotes a comfortable and stress-free experience for both clinicians and patients alike. Upgrade your dental practice with AccuFilm FastCheck for unparalleled precision and efficiency.

    SKU: S054

    $40.99 $28.55

  • Sale -25% Black- AccuFilm I - Premium -Single-Sided -Film | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg

    Parkell Black AccuFilm I - Premium Single-Sided Film

    Black AccuFilm I, the epitome of sophistication in premium single-sided film. Elevate your packaging experience with this sleek and versatile solution that combines style with functionality. Crafted with precision, the Black AccuFilm I offers a lustrous black finish that exudes professionalism and elegance. Designed for discerning businesses, this premium film is perfect for enhancing the presentation of your products. Its single-sided feature ensures a seamless and effortless application process, saving you time and effort while maintaining a polished appearance. The film adheres securely to surfaces, providing a protective layer that safeguards your items during transit. Whether you're a boutique owner, online retailer, or a connoisseur of fine packaging, the Black AccuFilm I adds a touch of refinement to your brand. Its high-quality construction ensures durability, and its aesthetic appeal speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. Key Features: Precision Coating: The AccuFilm I is meticulously coated for a flawless, bubble-free application, ensuring a seamless finish every time. Rich Black Hue: Experience deep, true black tones that enhance the vibrancy of your visuals, making them pop with unmatched clarity. Long-lasting Durability: Crafted with premium materials, this film is designed to withstand the test of time, offering prolonged protection for your surfaces. Benefits: Professional Appearance: Achieve a sleek, professional look with the film's precise application, making your surfaces stand out. Enhanced Visual Impact: The rich black hue enhances the visual appeal of your displays or projects, leaving a lasting impression. Cost-Effective Protection: Invest in long-term protection with the AccuFilm I, saving you money on replacements and maintenance. Upgrade your film application game with the Black AccuFilm I today!

    SKU: S014

    $29.50 $22.00

  • Sale -30% AccuFilm- Red/Black: Premium -Dual-Sided- Articulation- Film | Parkell | Only at SurgiMac.jpg

    Parkell AccuFilm Red/Black: Premium Dual-Sided Articulation Film

    AccuFilm Red/Black: Premium Dual-Sided Articulation Film – the pinnacle of precision in your artistic endeavors. Unleash your creativity with this cutting-edge tool designed for artists, animators, and professionals seeking unparalleled accuracy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the dual-sided nature of this film offers a versatile canvas for your artistic expressions. The vibrant red and black hues provide a striking contrast, ensuring every nuance of your work is highlighted with clarity. The premium quality of the AccuFilm guarantees durability and reliability, allowing you to focus on your craft without worrying about the integrity of your materials. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, this articulation film elevates your projects to new heights. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various applications, from animation to fine arts. Embrace the precision, embrace the possibilities – choose AccuFilm Red/Black for a superior artistic experience. Key Features: Double-Sided Precision: Accu Film II provides dual-sided functionality, allowing for comprehensive bite analysis with every use. Ultra-Thin Design: With a thickness of .0008" (21 microns), this articulating film guarantees minimal interference during occlusion assessment, ensuring accurate results. Generous Quantity: The pack includes 280 strips, ensuring a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your dental practice. Benefits: Accurate Diagnosis: Achieve precise bite analysis, leading to accurate treatment planning. Patient Comfort: The ultra-thin design enhances patient comfort during occlusion assessments. Cost-Efficient Solution: The generous quantity of 280 strips provides long-term value for your practice, minimizing the need for frequent restocking. Accu Film II - Red/Black. Double-sided .0008" (21 microns) articulating film. 280 strips.

    SKU: S017

    $40.99 $28.55

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