Restorative Dental Instruments

Restorative Dental Instruments


  • Spoon excavator: Used to remove soft carious decay
  • Half hollenbach: Used to test for overhangs or flash
  • Dental hatchers: Used to widen the entrance of the tooth cavity and slice away the thin carious enamel
  • Chisels:
    • Straight - bevels the cavosurface margin and used in 3, 4, and 5 classifications of cavities on the maxillary
    • Wedelstaedt - only used in the anterior for classes 3, 4, and 5
    • Bin Angle - this is held in a pen grasp and used for class 2 maxillary only


Burnishers are used for polishing and contouring amalgam fillings and to polish composite fillings. They include:

  • Ball burnisher
  • Beavertail burnisher
  • Cone burnisher
  • Flat plastic
  • Pear shaped burnisher


Pluggers are also known as amalgam condensers. They are used to achieve a well-condensed filling by compressing the filling material into the cavity and applying pressure.

  • Amalgam plugger
  • 49 plugger
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