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    Dynarex ID Bands offer a convenient and effective solution for healthcare facilities to classify patient risk-factors. These ID bands are designed to provide crucial information about patients in a clear and organized manner. With their flexible vinyl construction, these bands are not only durable but also comfortable to wear. One of the key features of Dynarex ID Bands is their color-coded system, which allows healthcare professionals to easily identify different health risks associated with patients. The bands come in five distinct colors - White, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue - each indicating a different risk factor. This color coding system streamlines the identification process and helps medical staff respond quickly and accurately in any situation. Furthermore, these ID bands come with insertable data strips that securely hold patient information. The silicone construction of the bands not only protects them from damage but also ensures that they remain comfortable and non-abrasive on the skin. The soft material and rounded edges prevent any discomfort or irritation to the patients, enabling them to wear these bands with ease. Water resistant and durable, these vinyl ID bands are designed to withstand the demands of healthcare environments. They are built to protect against rips, smudges, wrinkles, and scratches, ensuring that the information remains intact and legible. These Dynarex ID Bands are ideal for use in hospitals, surgical centers, nursing and retirement homes, and rehabilitation centers. Their practicality and effectiveness in identifying patient risk factors make them an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals. Each box of Dynarex ID Bands includes 50 bands with 32 insertable strips of each color, resulting in a total of 160 strips. This generous quantity ensures that healthcare facilities have an ample supply of bands to meet their needs. Durable vinyl design that is water resistant and protects against rips, smudges, wrinkles, and scratches Color-coded system for easy identification of patient risk factors Specifications: Includes 50 ID Bands per box 32 insertable data strips per color (White, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue) Invest in Dynarex ID Bands to improve efficiency, streamline patient care, and enhance overall safety in your healthcare facility.

    5 in stock

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