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    Dynarex Dynarex Half Chair Covers

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    Dynarex Half Chair Covers are a must-have for any medical facility or healthcare setting. With their innovative design and exceptional functionality, these chair covers provide an effective barrier between patients and equipment, reducing the spread of infections and the need for excessive use of disinfectants. Featuring a clear chair sleeve, these covers are incredibly easy to slide on and off, ensuring convenience and efficient use. The transparent material allows for easy visual inspection, providing a clear view of the chair's surface and eliminating the need for additional headrest covers. One of the key features of Dynarex Half Chair Covers is their ability to effectively reduce the use of disinfectants. By acting as a protective layer, these covers minimize the contact between patients and the chair, thus lowering the chances of contamination. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces the amount of disinfectants needed, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness. With their exceptional flexibility, these chair covers can be seamlessly integrated into any medical setting, from clinics and hospitals to dental offices and rehabilitation centers. They are compatible with most standard-sized chairs, ensuring a snug fit and providing a secure and hygienic environment for patients. Key Features: Clear chair sleeve for easy on and off Eliminates the need for additional headrest covers As an added advantage, Dynarex Half Chair Covers also come with the following specifications: Product Type: Half Chair Covers Elevate your infection control measures and enhance patient safety with Dynarex Half Chair Covers. Order now and experience the convenience, efficiency, and reliability that these chair covers offer.

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  • Sale -9% Plastic Headrest Covers Plastic Headrest Covers

    Dynarex Plastic Headrest Covers

    Introducing our premium-grade Plastic Headrest Covers designed to provide efficient and hygienic protection. Made from water-resistant materials, these covers are engineered to keep headrests dry and clean, ensuring optimal hygiene for every user. One of the key features of our Plastic Headrest Covers is their ability to create an effective and sanitary barrier. The curved shape of the cover allows it to securely fit onto the headrest, providing full coverage and protection. It stays in place, offering slip-free comfort for the user. Not only do our Plastic Headrest Covers shield headrests from dirt and moisture, but they also resist the damaging effects of disinfectants. With these covers, you no longer have to worry about cracking or fading caused by regular cleaning processes. Your headrests will stay looking fresh and new. Our Plastic Headrest Covers are designed with both quality and comfort in mind. They are manufactured to the highest standards and do not contain natural rubber latex or DEHP, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies. Designed to create an effective, sanitary barrier for optimal hygiene Manufactured from water-resistant materials to keep headrests dry and clean Product Specifications: Material: Plastic Size: Standard Quantity: Pack of 100 Latex-free: Yes Elevate your level of hygiene and protect your headrests with our high-quality Plastic Headrest Covers. Add them to your cart now and experience the difference for yourself!

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  • Sale -9% Plastic Cord Covers Plastic Cord Covers

    Dynarex Plastic Cord Covers

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    Introducing our top-notch Plastic Cord Covers, designed to provide the ultimate protection and convenience for both professionals and patients. Made with high-quality materials, these cord covers are a superior choice for preventing cross-contamination and ensuring a safe, hygienic environment. With our Plastic Cord Covers, you no longer have to worry about potential contamination between patients. The easy-to-use barrier effectively shields hard-to-clean tubing, minimizing the risk of spreading germs and infections. Its open-ended design allows for hassle-free application, saving you precious time during procedures. Here are two key features of our Plastic Cord Covers: Effortless Cross-Contamination Prevention: Our cord covers are specifically designed to create a reliable barrier between patients and tubing, effectively eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. This feature is crucial when working across the body or on large areas where the cord may come in contact with the tattooed area. Superb Convenience and Versatility: Measuring 2" in width, our cord covers provide ample coverage for various types of tubing. Whether you're a tattoo artist, a healthcare professional, or simply need a solution to protect cords in your workspace, our Plastic Cord Covers offer unmatched versatility and convenience. In addition to their exceptional functionality, our Plastic Cord Covers are crafted with durability in mind. They are built to withstand rigorous usage and ensure long-lasting performance, making them a worthy investment for any professional. Specifications: Individual covers, open on both ends Invest in the best for your workspace, and choose our Plastic Cord Covers today. Experience the convenience, reliability, and peace of mind that comes with utilizing premium cord protection. Order now and take the first step towards creating a safer, more hygienic environment for both you and your patients.

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  • Sale -9%Last stock! Dynarex Full Chair Cover Dynarex Full Chair Cover

    Dynarex Dynarex Full Chair Cover

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    Ensure the utmost cleanliness and hygiene with the Dynarex Full Chair Cover. Designed to provide a protective barrier between patients and equipment, this cover eliminates the need for excessive disinfectants, saving you time and effort. Featuring a clear chair sleeve, this cover effortlessly slides on and off, offering convenience and ease of use. With its innovative design, it ensures a secure fit and helps prevent the buildup of dirt, germs, and other contaminants on chairs. This Full Chair Cover offers multiple benefits that make it an essential asset in any healthcare setting: Reduced Disinfectant Usage: By acting as a barrier between patients and equipment, this chair cover significantly reduces the need for frequent disinfecting, allowing you to save money while maintaining a clean environment. No Need for Headrest Covers: With its comprehensive design, the Dynarex Full Chair Cover eliminates the requirement for separate headrest covers, providing a complete solution for chair protection. With its optimal fit and easy application, this chair cover enhances efficiency and streamlines your workflow. Whether in hospitals, clinics, or long-term care facilities, this cover ensures the highest level of cleanliness while promoting patient comfort. Specifications: Material: High-quality, durable fabric Color: Clear Size: Universal fit for most standard chairs With the Dynarex Full Chair Cover, you can maintain a hygienic environment without compromising on comfort or functionality. Take the necessary steps to protect your patients and equipment by implementing this essential solution today.

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  • Dynarex Dental Barrier Films Dynarex Dental Barrier Films

    Dynarex Dynarex Dental Barrier Films

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    Dynarex Dental Barrier Films provide a superior level of protection and convenience for dental offices, clinics, and medical facilities. With its strong adhesive back and easy tearing perforated sheets, this barrier film is designed to prevent cross-contamination and promote optimal hygiene. One of the key features of Dynarex Dental Barrier Films is their ability to securely adhere to most surfaces without leaving any sticky residue behind. This means that you can confidently apply the film to a wide range of handheld instruments, including dental supplies and medical tools, knowing that it will stay in place during procedures. Each roll of Dynarex Dental Barrier Film comes with 1200 perforated sheets, measuring 4" x 6", making it effortless to tear off a sheet whenever you need it. The film is conveniently packed in a dispenser box with a cut-out opening, allowing for quick and efficient access. Available in a choice of clear or blue, Dynarex Dental Barrier Films offer flexibility to suit your preferences and needs. The clear film ensures visibility and clarity, while the blue film adds a touch of color and differentiation. With Dynarex Dental Barrier Films, you can maintain a clean and sterile environment in your dental or medical practice. These barrier films are an essential tool in preventing the spread of infections and promoting the well-being of both patients and staff. Designed for use with handheld equipment to prevent cross-contamination and promote optimal hygiene Adhesive back provides a secure hold with no sticky residue

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Barrier Protection | Shop now | Available only at SurgiMac

SurgiMac's Barrier Protection product offering is designed to provide a safe, secure and effective shield against virus, bacteria and other germs. Our Barrier Protection products feature medical-grade materials, advanced technologies and innovative designs to keep you and your loved ones safe. This product offering includes advanced face masks and face shields that incorporate cutting-edge nanotechnology, advanced nanofibers, electrostatically charged particles, and air filtration systems to ensure maximum protection from airborne particles and other contaminants. These products are ideal for use in professional, medical and recreational settings, making them perfect for those looking for a secure, protective barrier against virus, bacteria and germs.


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