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    Meta Biomed Meta Biomed DM Bone, Resorbable Materials (Bone replacement material)

    Silicon Ion Containing 60% HA, 40% B-TCP DM-Bone is a bioactive bone graft material, which is resorbable and able to be replaced by new bone. DM-Bone is a ceramic constituted of two-phase of silicon (<1wt%) contained coralline 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% beta-tricalcium phosphate. Small amounts of silicates stimulate the action of osteoblasts and, in consequence, the new bone formation. Moreover, silicates increase the mechanical strength, a very important factor in particular for porous ceramics, and also accelerate the bioactivitiy of apatite.DM-Bone is 70% porous with interconnected pores of 100~600 microns in diameter. This high porosity allows maximum space for vascularization, osteoblast migration and bone deposition. ADVANTAGES Silicon ion containing porous hydroxyapatite (Si-Content: Avg. 0.6 wt%) Optimum balance between HA and B-TCP in the ratio (%), 60:40 Silicon ion technology speeds up the bone regeneration & heal activation Outstanding biocompatibility (no biological rejection, no disease transmission) Excellent osteoblastic activity with wide surface area: 72% porosity Periodontal defects Intrabony defects Ridge augmentation Implant preparation/placement at extraction sites Sinus lifts Cystic cavities FDA approved

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