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  • Sale -21% Dynarex Specimen Containers Dynarex Specimen Containers

    Dynarex Dynarex Specimen Containers

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    Upgrade your specimen containment and storage with the Dynarex Specimen Containers. Designed for medical facilities and laboratories, these containers ensure the integrity and security of your specimens, preventing contamination and maintaining sample reliability. Featuring a screw-on cap, these containers provide a secure fit that minimizes the risk of leaks or spills. This essential feature guarantees the safety and freshness of your specimens, protecting them from unwanted exposure to external elements. Identification has never been easier with the included ID label. Simply label your specimens for quick and accurate identification, saving valuable time and ensuring proper handling. No more mix-ups or confusion when managing multiple samples. For enhanced security, the Dynarex Specimen Containers come equipped with tamper-evident tabs. These tabs provide a visual indication if the container has been tampered with, ensuring the integrity of your specimens. This feature is particularly crucial for samples that require chain-of-custody documentation. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you're collecting urine, stool, or any other type of specimen, these containers are up to the task. Made from durable materials, they endure the rigors of everyday use in a medical environment. They are also easy to clean and sterilize, providing a hygienic and safe storage solution for your specimens. Key Features/Benefits: Screw-on cap for a secure fit Included ID label for easy identification Don't compromise on the containment and storage of your valuable specimens. Trust in the reliable performance, secure fit, and peace of mind offered by the Dynarex Specimen Containers. Order yours today and experience the difference they can make in your laboratory or medical facility. Specifications: Available in various sizes

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  • Sale -33% Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator - Precision in Tissue Handling by SurgiMac Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator - Precision in Tissue Handling by SurgiMac

    Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator - Precision in Tissue Handling by SurgiMac

    The #9 Molt Periosteal Elevator from SurgiMac is an essential tool for dental procedures. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this periosteal elevator delivers exceptional performance and durability. Its double-ended design, with 4.3mm and 8.4mm ends, offers versatility for various surgical techniques. This periosteal elevator is perfect for tissue separation from teeth or bones and to hold tissue away from the surgical site. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, providing maximum control and precision during procedures. Surgeons, dentists, and oral professionals can rely on the #9 Molt Periosteal Elevator for successful dental procedures. Key Features: Durable construction: Made from high-quality stainless steel, this periosteal elevator is built to withstand frequent use and ensure longevity. Double-ended flexibility: With its 4.3mm and 8.4mm ends, this instrument caters to a variety of surgical techniques, offering versatility and convenience. Invest in the SurgiMac #9 Molt Periosteal Elevator for enhanced precision and control during dental procedures. Its reliable design simplifies the process, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Whether you're a dentist, oral surgeon, or dental professional, this instrument is a must-have for every dental practice. Specifications: Product Type: Dental Instrument Size: #9

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  • Sale -50% Wax Spatula #31 - Dental for Mixing Materials and General Laboratory user by SurgiMac Wax Spatula #31 - Dental for Mixing Materials and General Laboratory user by SurgiMac

    Wax Spatula #31 - Dental for Mixing Materials and General Laboratory user by SurgiMac

    Wax Spatula #31 - Dental for Mixing Materials and General Laboratory use  SurgiMac's double-ended Wax Spatula 31 is used for Mixing Materials and General Laboratory use. It is useful for scooping, mixing, or spreading; and also for carrying molten was. It features one pointed end and one rounded end. High-quality stainless steel All hand instruments are skillfully created, precise, and durable.

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  • Sale -50% Dental Spatula: Precision Tool for Dental Work by SurgiMac Dental Spatula: Precision Tool for Dental Work by SurgiMac

    Dental Spatula: Precision Tool for Dental Work by SurgiMac

    SurgiMac - Laboratory Tools Flat Ended Cement Spatula #24 SurgiMac's - Cement Spatula No. 24 (44 mm) Flexible blade 44 mm Spatula with flexible blade for mixing medium body cements and other materials into crowns or inlay/onlay preparations. Stainless Steel Cement Spatulas are used for mixing cement materials and various other dental materials High quality stainless steel All hand instruments are skillfully created, precise and durable.

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  • Sale -38%Last stock! SurgiMac Galetti Articulator

    SurgiMac Galetti Articulator

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    Lab Galetti Dental Plasterless Articulator White The Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed from aluminum and brass, making it both hard wearing and corrosion resistant. This highly accurate and time saving articulator is easy to use in the laboratory or chairside. Any type of dental model can be placed onto this Galetti without the application of mounting plaster.

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  • Sale -9%Last stock! Dynarex Microscope Cover Glass - 0.12-0.17mm Dynarex Microscope Cover Glass - 0.12-0.17mm

    Dynarex Dynarex Microscope Cover Glass - 0.12-0.17mm

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    This Dynarex Microscope Cover Glass is a high-quality accessory that is essential for microscope users. With its uniform thickness and superior flatness, this cover glass ensures optimal performance and accurate readings. The cover glass is expertly crafted using advanced processing techniques, resulting in excellent clarity and superior cleanliness. This means that you can rely on clear and precise observations with every use. Each pack contains 1 ounce of cover glass, providing you with an ample supply for your laboratory or research needs. The glass is conveniently packaged in a crush-resistant plastic box, ensuring its safety during storage and transportation. Key Features: Uniform thickness and superior flatness for optimal performance Excellent clarity and cleanliness for accurate observations Whether you are a professional scientist, a student, or a hobbyist, this Dynarex Microscope Cover Glass is a must-have accessory for any microscope. Enhance the quality of your observations and experiments with this reliable and durable cover glass. Specifications: Product Type: Microscope Cover Glass

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  • Sale -9% Dynarex Microscope Slides Dynarex Microscope Slides

    Dynarex Dynarex Microscope Slides

    Introducing Dynarex Microscope Slides, the ideal tool for conducting precise laboratory tests. Built with superior sheet glass and ground corners, these microscope slides are designed to deliver consistent and accurate results, making them a must-have for any laboratory setting. One of the key features of the Dynarex Microscope Slides is their frosted slide coating. This unique feature allows for easy and efficient laboratory marking, eliminating the need for paper labels and the hassle of relabeling slides. With the writing surface provided, you can confidently label your slides without worrying about smudging or fading. With their premium-quality construction, these slides are sure to exceed your expectations. The ground corners ensure a secure and precise fit within your microscope, while the sheet glass material provides exceptional clarity and durability. Whether you're examining tissue samples, conducting research, or teaching a biology class, the Dynarex Microscope Slides are the perfect companion. Made of premium-quality sheet glass with ground corners Frosted slide coating retains most laboratory marking methods These microscope slides are suitable for a wide range of laboratory tests and experiments. They are highly versatile and can be used for various applications, including cell studies, microorganism identification, and histology research. The slides provide a smooth and reliable surface for mounting and viewing specimens under a microscope, allowing for accurate observations and detailed analysis. Dimensions: Length: 76mm Width: 26mm Thickness: 1-1.2mm With Dynarex Microscope Slides, you can trust in the quality and precision of your laboratory work. Enhance your scientific experiments, research, and analysis with these exceptional microscope slides. Order yours today and experience the difference they make in your laboratory workflow.

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