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    Dynarex Pillow Cases - TP 2-Ply, White, 21" X 30"

    The TP 2-Ply White Pillow Cases are the perfect solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in medical settings. Designed as single-use barriers, these pillow cases are crafted with high-quality non-woven materials to provide optimal strength and durability. With their 2-ply construction, these pillow cases offer quick absorbency, making them highly effective at guarding against spills and stains. This not only helps to maintain a clean appearance but also aids in infection control, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients. One of the key features of these pillow cases is their soft fabric. Carefully selected to prioritize patient comfort, the pillow cases create a gentle and soothing surface for patients to rest their heads on. This helps to create a more comfortable environment and contributes to a positive patient experience. The TP 2-Ply White Pillow Cases are not only functional but also lightweight and portable. This makes them convenient for storage and easy to transport, allowing for use in a variety of medical settings such as emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and exam rooms. Whether you need to replace pillow cases regularly or have a sudden need for clean pillow cases, these disposable options offer a practical solution. Key Features/Benefits: Single-use, hygienic barriers for infection control 2-ply construction for quick absorbency and protection against spills and stains Specifications: Color: White Dimensions: 21" x 30" Material: Non-woven Invest in the TP 2-Ply White Pillow Cases to elevate your infection control practices and enhance patient comfort. With their high-quality construction and practical design, these disposable pillow cases are the perfect addition to any medical facility.

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