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    Dynarex Fall Monitoring Seatbelts

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    The Fall Monitoring Seatbelts are an essential safety accessory for individuals using wheelchairs. With their innovative design and user-friendly features, these seatbelts provide peace of mind by preventing falls and alerting caregivers in case of attempted chair exits. Designed for easy installation, these seatbelts attach to most standard wheelchairs with minimal effort. The bright red release tab ensures even individuals with limited finger dexterity can operate the seatbelt without complications. One of the standout features of these seatbelts is the audible alarm. When the user attempts to exit the wheelchair, the alarm will sound, grabbing the attention of both the user and caregivers. This immediate alert system reduces the risk of falls and allows for swift action to be taken. Key Features/Benefits: Easy installation on most standard wheelchairs Bright red release tab for individuals with limited finger dexterity These Fall Monitoring Seatbelts are not only compatible with a wide range of wheelchairs, but they also seamlessly integrate with Protech® Mobile (P-800200), Flex (P-800300), Voice (P-800400), and Ultra (P-800900) monitors. This compatibility ensures a comprehensive safety system that can be tailored to meet individual needs. With their superior functionality and user-friendly design, the Fall Monitoring Seatbelts are an indispensable asset for caregivers, healthcare facilities, and individuals using wheelchairs alike. Prioritize safety and peace of mind with these top-of-the-line seatbelts.

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    Dynarex Protech Fall Monitoring Alarms

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    Introducing the Protech Fall Monitoring Alarms, the smart solution to prevent falls and ensure the safety of your loved ones. With its advanced features and reliable functionality, these alarms are designed to keep you informed and provide peace of mind. One key feature of this alarm system is its unique alarm tone, which immediately alerts caregivers and attendants when a fall occurs. This distinct sound ensures that the response is swift and efficient, minimizing the risk of injury or delay in providing assistance. Additionally, the low battery indicator flashes when the battery needs to be replaced, ensuring that the alarm is always ready for use. The Protech Fall Monitoring Alarms are highly versatile and compatible with various sensor systems. Whether you need to monitor a chair, bed, seat belt, or floor mat, these alarms can be easily integrated. This flexibility allows you to customize the monitoring system to suit your specific needs. Choose from a range of options to meet your requirements. The Protech String Fall Monitor P-800100 features string operation for simple setup and ease of use. The Protech Mobile Monitor P-800200 comes with a movable sensor pad, offering the freedom to position the monitor wherever it's needed. For added convenience, the Protech Flex Monitor P-800300 incorporates remote call functionality. The Protech Ultra Monitor P-800900 offers 3-way functionality, enabling monitoring from multiple angles. Lastly, the Protech Voice Monitor P-800400 features a recordable voice option, allowing personalized messages to be played when an alert is triggered. Rest assured with a 1-year warranty, providing you with long-term support and peace of mind. {% if "" in product.description %} Specifications: {{ product.description }} {% endif %}

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