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  • Sale -14% Ansell Radiation Attenuation Gloves Ansell Radiation Attenuation Gloves

    Ansell Ansell Radiation Attenuation Gloves

    Reduced radiation risks: These latex, powder-free sterile gloves reduce skin-dose scattered radiation exposure by up to 53.7% (beam energy level 60 kVp) during fluoroscopic procedures, compared to a 1% reduction** with standard surgical gloves Assured comfort and tactility: ENCORE Radiation Attenuation sterile gloves boast ideal thickness levels, combining hand protection with tactile sensitivity, fit and comfort Strengthened grip: These khaki-colored radiation attenuation gloves are also smooth with a micro-textured external finish, ensuring excellent handling of medical instruments Lead-free safety: Ansell’s unique lead-free latex formulation uses bismuth oxide and eliminates risks associated with use of lead.   Recommended For All surgeries, especially high risk procedures in orthopaedics, trauma, and cardiac Higher-risk clinical applications Protecting hands from image guided interventional procedures (fluoroscopy) Primary Industries Healthcare Key Features And Benefits Superb attenuation property: 53.7% reduction in skin-dose exposure* Ideal thickness: Superb balance of hand protection and tactile sensitivity Micro-textured finish: Better grip control and instrument handling Product Details Packaging Size Code 6.5 20873065 5 pairs per box 7 20873070 7.5 20873075 8 20873080 8.5 20873085 9 20873090 Downloads Product Data Sheet Instructions for Use0.6 MB (pdf)

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  • Sale -7% Ansell Pi Radiation Attenuation Gloves Ansell Pi Radiation Attenuation Gloves

    Ansell Ansell Pi Radiation Attenuation Gloves

    Enhanced scattered radiation protection: Suitable for use with C-Arms, these lead-free gloves reduce skin-dose exposure to scattered radiation by 69.1%, compared to just 1%** with standard surgical gloves Assured dexterity and tactile sensitivity: Ansell’s proprietary, soft, malleable polyisoprene formulation ensures the dexterity, tactile sensitivity and comfort needed for image-guided interventional procedures (fluoroscopy) Reduced allergy risks: These sterile, non-latex gloves eliminate the risk of a Type I latex allergy while their non-sensitizing formulation excludes chemical accelerators known to cause allergic contact dermatitis Strengthened grip: These dark grey specialty gloves also feature a micro-textured finish for good grip control Recommended For Protecting hands from image guided interventional procedures (fluoroscopy) Protection from Type I latex allergy in HCW's or patients Primary Industries Healthcare Key Features And Benefits High Attenuation Property: 69.1% protection from scattered radiation* Optimal Thickness: Ideal balance of dexterity and hand protection Lead-free, Skin-friendly formulation: No lead- or latex-related risks Product Details Packaging 5 pairs per box; 4 boxes per carton/case; 20 pairs per carton/case Size Code Packaging 6.5 20873565 5 pairs per box; 4 boxes per carton/case; 20 pairs per carton/case 7 20873570 7.5 20873575 8 20873580 8.5 20873585 9 20873590 Downloads Product Data Sheet Declaration Of Conformity UK Declaration Of Conformity

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Introducing our specialty gloves collection, a curated selection designed for exceptional safety and protection. With a focus on radiation attenuation, our Ansell gloves lead the way in shielding you from potential harm. Whether it's our Ansell Radiation Attenuation Gloves or the Ansell Pi Radiation Attenuation Gloves, you can trust in their unwavering reliability. Crafted with the utmost precision, these gloves offer a combination of advanced features and unrivaled benefits. They are engineered to deliver unparalleled radiation attenuation, safeguarding your hands from harmful exposure. Stay confident and at ease knowing that our gloves provide the highest level of protection, enabling you to focus on what matters most. Explore our specialty gloves collection today and experience the assurance of uncompromising safety. Unlock peace of mind with gloves that are ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear, and meet the stringent demands of professionals like you. Don't compromise on your safety - choose the gloves that set the standard. Get your hands on the ultimate solution, and make your purchase with confidence.


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